trescoTresco Engineering bvba is an independent Belgian company founded in 1994 that develops navigation technology for the shipping industry.

In its 19 years of existance Tresco Engineering has been able to position itself as a market leader in the field of river navigation in Western Europe.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

reisplanThe AIS system is based on transponder technology, which increases shipping safety on seas and rivers. Every vessel fitted with an AIS transponder transmits its own specific details.

-Standard AIS features fully implemented
-Compatible with Inland AIS standard
-AIS targets are displayed on the chart
-Control panel with all the data of the AIS targets
-Overview of all shipping in the vicinity
-Easy access to standardized and proprietary safety-related text messages



Radar Overlay

Radar overlayThe Radar Overlay can be installed both on new as well as existing vessels.

The Radar Overlay combines ECDIS cartography with your radar image, and it has been developed on the basis of the famous TRESCO quality guarantee.

The integration of radar image and electronic charting system brings all the benefits together into one system.

Other shipping vessels become visible on the chart and all nautical information remains visible on the chart.



TRESCO Navigis Voyageplan

Navigis Voyageplan is an ideal accessory for calculating the journey and determining cargo prices.

-Extra information
-Route calculation & optimal connection
-Planning of leg or voyage
-Display of obstacles
-Activation by phone

EBIS demands daily voyage reports. With the help of Tresco Voyageplan this is just a few mouseclicks away. The reports can be saved or printed out on paper.


RIS (River Information Service)

Ship messages:
-All obstructions, possible delays and other events who have an influence on ships will be announced in these messages
-The messages will be processed automaticly in the maps and can be requested in detail.
-Requesting an overview from all the messages for the manual planning of a trip with which they can consider any possible obstructions.
-The option NaviChart Route will also process these messages and consider them in his automatic trip planning.
Water levels:
-Request the current water levels.
-Display of a graphic and the progress of the water levels during a period on a specific location.


Tresco 3D view

3d tresco