SAILOR and Sea Tel TV-at-Sea™ make it simple and cost-effective to provide a basic welfare service.

C and Ku Band TV-at-Sea

Sea Tel ST88 Satellite TV_250x250 Technical features include high performance closed-loop stabilisation and satellite tracking, enabling continuous and reliable television reception even in the world’s most remote regions.
Antennas are available in C-band, Ku-band or dual-band configuration, whilst some models offer global operation without the need to change hardware between broadcast regions.



Ku Band TV-at-Sea

Ku band TV at sea Cobham SATCOM’s Ku-Band TV-at-Sea features a number of innovations including multi-polarisation and a programmable LNB to guarantee high-quality global TV reception. It’s built to withstand the challenging conditions at sea and is fitted via a single cable installation for quicker, more cost-effective installation.

Terrestrial TV-at-Sea

Terrestrial TV-at-Sea_250x250 Active omnidirectional terrestrial antennas are equipped with highly efficient suppression filters to prevent interference from VHF telephone and AIS transmitters as standard. Available with Automatic Level Control (ALC) the antennas kept free from intermodulation in the vicinity of high power transmitters e.g. when in port.



TV and Radio Signal DistributionSAILOR Headend Distribution Systems, Trans-/Modulation Systems, Distribution Components, Multi-Switches as well as Components and Accessories for all sizes of networks on vessels.