From standard workhorse VHFs, Class D VHFs to GMDSS Class A certified radios. From Low to High powered MF/HF GMDSS systems to GMDSS approved mini-C, SSAS and LRIT solutions.
Safe portable radios with the necessary ATEX approvals.

Maritime MF/HF Radios

SAILOR 6311 MF-HF DSC Class A 150W - FCC Approved_250x250 The SAILOR range of MF/HF radios supports crews in safe and efficient operations as well as meeting GMDSS international safety regulations. SAILOR MF/HF systems can be used standalone or as part of a complete GMDSS solution alongside SAILOR VHF and mini-C for all sea areas. They are configured for easy operation in daylight or at night, and some models feature the SAILOR Replay function, which records the latest incoming messages for playback.


Maritime VHF Radios

SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D - FCC Approved_250x250 Smart features include SAILOR Replay, which automatically stores the previous 240 seconds of communication for recall at the touch of a button – ideal if you missed specific instructions from a call. Feature-rich and rugged, SAILOR VHFs range from a standard workhorse radio through to DSC, GMDSS and ATEX.There’s a SAILOR VHF for use on ships of all size and type, oil and gas platforms, offshore vessels and tankers, survival craft, fishing vessels, super yachts and leisure boats.


Maritime Portable Radios

SAILOR SP3515 Portable VHF with scrambler and CTCSS_250x250 There are models for every purpose including standard portable VHF and UHF to GMDSS and ‘Wheelmark,’ ATEX and FCC approved portables.Their rugged design, with large, clear waterproof screen, ribbed grip and supreme audio quality makes them reliable and easy to use even with gloves and under pressure during critical operations and emergencies.




Maritime AIS

SAILOR 628X AIS System_250x250 With SAILOR, you can choose between standalone Class A AIS systems or high quality VHF radios with AIS functionality built in depending on your vessel type or navigational requirements. AIS primarily uses VHF to transmit and receive vessel data including position and heading, helping crew, skippers and yacht owners to see a clear local navigational picture.



Maritime Navtex

sailor_6390-91_navtex_receiver_250x250 SAILOR Navtex systems help ships and offshore vessels stay up to date with the latest safety and navigational updates.They are sold as part of complete GMDSS range, which includes consoles and equipment for all GMDSS Sea Areas.