cobham80logo125 Cobham celebrated on 29 October 2014 its 80th birthday from the date of establishment on 29 October 1934. Trust is very important to Cobham and therefore is their slogan: “The most important thing we built is trust.”. Cobham has differentiated technology and know-how, and operates with a deep insight into customer needs. It offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems in difficult conditions.



4012 SeaTel Cobham, the world’s leading company specializing in Marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications (two-way communication), satellite television (DBS / DTH, TV-at-Sea), Broadband-at-sea, as well as wireless voice and data communications.
SeaTel Cobham owns technology that ensures you to get a stable satellite signal despite rough seas or storm wind gusts.
SeaTel Cobham products combine the highest levels of performance, reliability and affordability as well as an extensive sales, service and technical support around the world.
With more than 20,000 installed Marine stabilized antenna systems, SeaTel Cobham provides satellite communication, satellite television-at-sea and DBS / DTH around the world for all kinds of small, medium and large vessels.