The problem with corrosion

Corrosion can take different forms in the marine environment of the holes on plating; disintegration of the connecting welds; around thruster’s, and on the surface of the rudder and other vital components.
A well-designed ICCP system can remove these problems, to preserve the structural integrity of the vessel and significantly reduce maintenance costs during its use.
Installation Cathelco system gives advantages of world leading ICCP technology combined with understanding the problems of corrosion and knowledge of the most effective ways to solve it.
Cathelco C-Shield impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems are now being adapted for more than 10,000 vessels worldwide, setting a record in efficiency and reliability for all types of vessles: cruisers, Containers, VLCCs, ferries, FPSOs, vessels for icy areas.

The system constantly is progressing with the application of a wide range of control panels. They are based on the latest trends in technology so that the final systems are not only efficient but also cost-effective to install.
Cathelco has developed a surprisingly wide range of anode -elliptical, circular and linear, designed to suit various profiles deck with the aim of of reducing installation time and costs.
Other achievements include the introduction of ICCP systems that are specifically designed to protect the front and rear thruster of the tunnel. Apart from them, there have been developed and sophisticated (more advanced) shaft earthing systems and rudder bonding equipment that provide reliable protection for propulsion and control systems on today’s vessels.
For smaller vessels, Minitek and Alutek systems are compactly designed to protect both the hulls of steel and aluminum.
Cathelco has a developed and well-organized global network of over 40 agents who provide technical and commercial support.


Although modern coatings of hulls provide some protection against corrosion, they do not offer a complete solution. For this reason, most operators selects and ICCP cathodic protection for comprehensive protection against corrosion.

Using properly mounted anodes and reference cells connected to the control panel, the system creates a stronger current output that reduces the natural electro-chemical activity on the hull under the water.

This principle eliminates the formation of aggressive corrosive cells on the surface and avoids the problems that might exist between different metals, or the proximity of other components such as a propeller.

The systems are designed for automated current output, while the output voltage varies.
The essential feature of ICCP systems is permanent automatic monitoring of electrical potential at the contact point between the sea water and hull, and on the basis of the measurements, the system automatically adjusts the output on anodes. So, the system is much more efficient and reliable than systems with sacrificial anodes where the level of protection is unknown and uncontrolled.

Incorporating the Cathelco ICCP C-shield system, operators realize significant savings on maintenance costs of the hull, as well as on achievement of reduction in fuel costs due to the smooth surface of the hull. Furthermore, the system will protect equity investments and provide greater security through enhanced integrity of the hull.

Control panels/systems

quantum iccpQUANTUM PANELS
The key feature of Quantum ICCP panels is that they can be used in a ‘master’ and ‘slave’ configuration. Therefore, the forward ICCP system can be controlled by the aft panel and information about the whole system can be viewed in one location.
If the ship has a pipework anti-fouling system, this can also be controlled from the aft ICCP control panel so that everything is immediately accessible.
Beyond this, all of the data can be relayed to a control room or bridge computer system via an RS485 link. Controlling the whole system from one location


C-Shield thyristor control panels offer a good price-quality ratio with high reliability which is demonstrated on vessels around the world. They have a composition the latest computerized system for the transmission of information that allows the vessels’s computer to monitor the status of the ICCP system.
The thyristor control panels can be used for systems of up to 1,000 amps on vessels such as cruise ships and VLCCs as well as the larger types of container ships and cargo vessels.
Due to the high popularity, these panels are easily and quickly accessible.
-For ICCP system up to 1,000 amperes.
-Reliable performance with minimum maintenance.
-Economically control for systems of all sizes.
-The combination of computerized display outputs, alarms and information transfer.
-Up to 8 anodes and 4 reference cells per the control panel.
-Easy adaptable to client needs.


C-Shield modular control panels, based on advanced computerized electronics, designed for installation of up to 150 amps.
Extremely lightweight and compact design, ease of installation in the engine room and require a minimum of attention from the staff. One of their main advantages is the possibility that the modules are easy and quick for replacement in case of need, which increases their reliability.
-For ICCP systems up to 150 amps.
-Modular design for greater reliability and flexibility.
-Extremely lightweight and compact.
-Clear digital output displays.
-Incorporates ‘under’ and ‘over’ protection alarms.
-Can be linked to bridge information systems.


Minitek PanelMINITEK – protecting steel hulls
Minitek systems are designed to protect smaller steel hull vessels from corrosion. Widely applicable, installed on smaller vessels, yachts, working vessels, where space in engine room is limited.
-Operates from 230V or 115V a.c. electrical supply.
-Control panel measures only 500mm x 390mm x 210mm for systems up to 40 amps.


Alutek PanelALUTEK – protecting aluminium hulls
Alutek system provides a carefully controlled protection of aluminum formwork using computer monitoring electrodes, management of electrodes.
-Operates from 230V or 115V a.c. electrical supply.
-Control panel measures only 400mm x 500mm x 210mm.
-Lower yard installation costs than recessed sacrificial anodes.



Cathelco has made a major advance in ICCP technology with the development of I-Shield, the intelligent system for naval vessels. The I-Shield system is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of EMC/EFI, shock, vibration, low maintenance and flexibility of operation in the military environment. Current output is 120 or 180 Amps at 10 Volts with a Ripple Content of less than 0.1% into 6 nominal OR333 loads. The use of different electrodes provides optimum control and flexibility. It also ensures maximum corrosion protection throughout the complete range of operational characteristics of the warship.




Jettek Control PanelJETTEK PANEL
Its reliability has been proved on fast ferries and military high speed craft around the world, superseding systems solely based on ‘isolation’ methods. Eliminates problems associated with sacrificial anodes which can interfere with the flow and may not deliver sufficient protection to prevent corrosion. Automatic system – constantly monitors and adjusts output. Controlling electrodes measure the electrical potential at the nearest practical point to the interface of the dissimilar metals.


Corrintec Patroltek PanelPATROLTEK PANEL
Due to their operational characteristics, fast patrol craft create high levels of turbulence in the stern area. This raises the level of oxygen in the water which leads to increased corrosion rates. Patroltek automatically compensates for the variations in operational conditions, ensuring the hull receives the optimum level of protection from corrosion at all times.




The C-Nexus controller has numerous features which ensure that corrosion protection is precisely controlled on steel hulls, aluminium hulls and waterjet units and can be used in conjunction with Thyristor, Minitek, Alutek, Jettek systems. In addition, it is the standard controller for Patroltek systems for fast patrol craft.


Izbor anoda

Elliptical Anode
Elliptical anodes
Oval improves power distribution. Its flexibility allows to fit in with complex profiles paneling.



Linear Anode - 3 tube_1
C- Max linear anodes
One or more of emitting tube, depending on the required amount of current protection. Available in the range 50-300 A.



Disc anode 125-175
C-Max disc anodes
Easy to install and to replace under the sea. Available in the range 50-175 A.




MMO Anode - Minitek Cut Out
Minitek Anodes – steel hulls
They are used for protection of small vessels or luxury yachts. Available in the range 10-20 A.




Zinc Ref Alutek (Cut Out)
Alutek Anodes – aluminium hulls
They are used for protection of small vessels or luxury yachts with aluminum hulls. Available in the version of 10 A.