Cathelco Seafresh logoCathelco Seafresh desalinators give you the freedom to cruise wherever you want without the need to plan your voyages around marina stops.

Besides the convenience of creating your own drinking water, SEAFRESH desalinators helps to reduce the costs of fees for water at cruise. And since you do not have to carry large supplies of water, there are significant weight savings, reducing fuel costs and improving the efficiency of your boat.
SEAFRESH desalination is based on the principle of reverse osmosis – a well established and reliable way of turning sea water into drinking water.

Select desalinators according to your needs
How much water can a person consume in a day?
Typically, each person will consume at least 10 liters of water, and the range is 50 liters per person per day.
If you have a dishwasher and washing machine, then they are counted as extra person. Consideration should be given and how often is the usage of the showers if there are any on your boat. When you take into account all the above factors, the following formula can be used to calculate your needs for clean water: the number of persons X liters, divided with working time of your device (hours) gives the calculation of liters per hour. Depending on that, you select the size of the device required,which are the following:

Seafresh ‘Ton’ Series
Cathelco Seafresh -ton serija ■ Outputs from 10 to 40 cubic metres per day.
■ Suitable for the requirements of the largest superyachts and some commercial vessels.
■ Automatic salinity control and ‘dump’ feature.
■ Small footprint – typically 1050 (L) x 800 (W)x 1600mm (H).
■ Durable construction – enclosed in aluminium alloy frames.


Seafresh ‘H2O’ Series
Cathelco Seafresh- H2O■ Outputs from 36 to 276 litres per hour.
■ Ideal for the requirements of medium to large sailing yachts and cruisers.
■ Easy to install and simple to operate.
■ Fully automatic, temperature compensated electronic water quality sensing.
■ Option of remote control operation.


Seafresh ‘Ocean Whisper’ Series
Cathelco Ocean Whisper■ Outputs from 30 litres to 90 litres per hour.
■Suitable for small to mid-sized sailing yachts and power craft.
■ Economical – outlay quickly repaid in savings in water charges and fuel.
■ Lightweight and compact – the smallest model weighs just 20 kgs.
■ Belt driven from generator or can be powered from DC power supply (12V or 24V).
■ Low power consumption.
■ Supplied as a complete unit with only the prefilter mounted separately.
■ Quiet operation.

With all of the mentioned unit sizes, there are also additional options for installation that improve water quality, depending on the wishes of the client.

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