* Cathelco system is designed in modular form so that the system components may be installed separately, which is very suitable for small vessels and vessels where space is very limited, while for the vessels in construction, that space assigned in a design stage

* Cathelco system is fully software-controlled and designed for easy required servicing with a minimum time consumption of the crew

* Cathelco system is peculiar because it uses very low power consumption, negating the need for additional generator where the system is subsequently installed

* Cathelco system does not use any chemicals for cleaning

* Cathelco system uses one of the best ways of filtration, which greatly extends the life of the UV lamp, and offers more filtration options depending on the navigation route of the vessel

*Cathelco system has the smallest UV chamber on the market, unique because it does not require complete replacement, than it is possible to repair the UV lamps, and extend the working life of 12 months

* complete Cathelco system is software-controlled and so, limits or intensifies
operation of UV lamps, depending on the quality of treated seawater

7 - Foam ball cleaning illustration* Cathelco system uses a unique principle of cleaning UV lamps and UV chamber, the principle of cleaning with “rubber balls” that effectively clean UV lamps, and also in the UV chamber, they clean corrosion without the use of chemicals which extends the life of the chambers themselves, and the entire system



The offer includes systems with size of 200 m3h – 1200 m3h, and more filtering options, depending on the navigation route.

Also Cathelco offers a complete technical and service support around the world through its agents and authorized service.