Blockades in the cooling systems of pipelines caused by organisms are costly and require time to repair, especially when you need to clean or replace parts of the pipeline. All this leads to compromising operational capability and safety of the ship. Even a partial blockage can have serious consequences, causing the engine to an abnormally high temperature and causing a substantial increase in fuel consumption. It has a direct impact on the cost of the ship, operation and profitability.

The working principle: electrolytic principle – providing continuous and reliable protection without the use of chemicals.
Each system is designed according to customer needs for maximum efficiency.
Automatic operation requires minimal attention and requires very little time from the crew.
Easy to install, the anode can be mounted in the intake strainer or filter in newly built or later.
A friend of the environment, does not include the use of chlorine-based chemicals.
Approved by classification associations.

Installations in the larger vessels are usually designed in dual systems and that is a major advantage-double performance, protection from fouling and anti corrosion protection.
The system consists of a pair of copper and aluminum anodes mounted in the filter baskets or suction trawler and connected to the control panel. In the operatics, the copper anode produces ions which are transmitted by sea water in the pipes, creating an unfavorable environment for bio organisms that therefore will not settle or grow.
Aluminum hydroxide produced by the aluminum anode assists to this activity. This gelatinous compound copper-aluminum hydroxide film is transferred through the system and weighs spreading in areas with lower flow as close to the pipeline areas where the greatest possibility of settlement and reproduction of bio organisms.
As a result, bio organisms are not inhabited but go directly to the place of discharge. At the same time copper-aluminum hidroxid is accepted on the wall of the pipeline which achieves anti corrosive place for the pipeline.
In this case cooling systems of the ship are shielded from fouling and corrosion.

Control panels

Quantum touch screen panel

quantum touch screen panel With Quantum touch screen panels, all functions easily monitored and controlled – saving crew time. RS485 signal allows system to be governed from control room or bridge. No need to fill in log sheets – data can be uploaded to a USB stick and emailed to Cathelco. Automatic data logging provides more comprehensive information for detailed analysis. Quantum touch screen can operate with up to 16 anode outputs.

screen alarm infoscreen alarm set pointscreen current reductionscreen data historyscreen language settingscreen trend graph

Quantum modular
quantum mod The Quantum touch screen anti-fouling panel can control a maximum of 16 anodes. For systems larger than this there is Quantum modular panel. However, the Quantum anti-fouling modular panel will include some of the features of the touch screen version including RS485 connectivity for remote control/monitoring and fully configurable alarms.

Modular control panel
6 - RS 8 Way Panel - modular Systems that are commonly used larger vessels where protection is needed for the intake / entrance of sea water due to its modular principle. Number of intake / input determines also the number of modules in the control panel. The system provides unique protection against fouling, as well as dual protection against fouling and corrosion protection.

Mini Control Panel
7- 4wayMicro With a compact control panel and anodes, Micro systems are ideal for the protection of small and medium-sized vessels.
The compact system that provides protection against fouling or dual purpose anti-fouling / corrosion protection.
The anode is available with an integrated cathode to protect stainless steel, brass, plastic filters and any other types of pipes. The paper can be supplied with extra marine battery, auto read voltage between 12V and 24V or 110V / 220V ac.

Nano Control Panel
9 -4wayNano Extremely compact design, the Nano system has been developed for examples where space is limited such as patrol boats, work boats and luxury yachts.
However, it is a very effective anti-fouling system that is based on the same principles as the larger systematic units, but it is of no use because of the miniaturization of electronics in the control panels, as well as specially designed anode. It is fully automatic in operation and can be powered from the ship’s battery system to ensure continuous protection.

Depending on the need of a system that secures your vessel Cathelco offers a wide selection of anodes (dual or single purpose).